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Part of the process of selling a house is attracting buyers with kerb appeal – here are our 10 Tips to help you:

When you put your house on the market even when you don’t have a ‘for sale’ board up outside potential buyers will drive by and some will even walk about the neighbourhood and take a look at the house from the outside.

That means that if you want a quick sale it’s important to make sure your house has kerb appeal.  The first impression is an important part of the process of selling a house.  When you are living in a house and busy working and getting on with life, you may not notice the things that others will see and that may put them off making an appointment to view.  When you want a quick sale a clean and appealing appearance is vital.

Here are 10 tips to help you when selling a house to gain that all important kerb appeal.

  1. Spruce up the Front Door

Whatever type of door you have, when selling a house it needs to shine!  So clean it if necessary, touch up or repaint the door in popular colour.  Throw out any tatty old doormats.

  1. Pathways and Steps

Take a look at the pathway and any steps leading to the door.  This is especially important if you usually come and go through another door and don’t pay much attention to the front of the property.  Sweep the path, clear any debris, clutter and weeds and if necessary wash the area down or even pressure wash.

  1. Windows You Can See Through

Take a good look at the windows, when did you last have them cleaned?!  Having them cleaned inside and out can really brighten up the look of the house for a better first impression and make everything brighter when potential purchasers view.

Any windows visible from the front do benefit from being dressed to appeal to potential house buyers. Maybe you could wash net curtains or put some new ones up.  When they are fitted blinds should be clean too.

  1. Open Porch and Steps

Houses with an open porch and steps at the front door benefit from a sweep and touch up of any painted concrete or careful cleaning of any tiled features.  Remember to clean cobwebs and grime off of outside and porch lights.

  1. Driveway or Parking Area + The Cars

When you have a driveway, maximise the space by giving it all a good clean and removing anything that makes it look untidy.  Pile up logs tidily. Pull up any weeds and cut back overhanging branches or untidy shrubs.  If there are oil drips consider giving it a good scrub or jet wash. Gravel driveways should be raked over and weed free.

Your cars will also reflect the kerb appeal of the house.  As part of the sell my house fast project your car or cars reflect how you live and drive by and walk by potentials will judge you and therefore the house on the appearance of your cars.  So, keeping cars clean and looking good on the driveway is part of the strategy.

  1. Tidy the Front Garden

Cut back any overgrown hedges, shrubs or low hanging branches.  Keep up with the dead-heading and weeding.

  1. Hide All the Bins

They are an essential part of our modern lives but an array of bins and recycling boxes can look very untidy.  Find a place at the back or side of the house to put them so they are not one of the first things people see.

  1. Freshen Up Fences

Metal railings and chains benefit from a clean to remove accumulated debris.  Wooden fences are often lifted by a wash down if they’ve started to turn green or better still, give them a spruce up with wood treatment or stain.  Painted brick walls may need a scrub and touch up and plain walls often look better for brushing the top.

Check that any gates haven’t dropped on their hinges and re-hang if necessary, oil any hinges, wash or paint as necessary.

  1. Spruce Up the Exterior

If your house exterior is painted and the paint is flaky, consider a quick touch up where necessary.  uPVC and wooden window frames benefit from a wash and sometimes a quick paint touch up to painted window frames can lift the appearance.

  1. Dress the Area

Dress the area outside the front door.  A plant container well stocked with healthy plants can look amazing.  Equally a pair of trees or shrubs, one placed on either side of the door brings balance and harmony to the look of the front door. Consider a new doormat, you can always take it with you!

There can be a lot to the process of selling a house. Half a day around the outside especially at the front is an often missed part of how to sell a house.  If you are having a For Sale sign added the above ten points are even more important.  You want people to notice the house is for sale and imagine themselves there, you want to evoke the right emotion.  Your aim is for potential buyers to look from the outside and conclude that it’s a well looked after loved home that could be perfect for them.

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We wish you well with your house sale.