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12 Top Tips for selling your home in the autumn and links to other expert sites & helpful quotes

As autumn approaches and the nights are drawing in we thought it would be an opportune time to take a look at twelve tips for selling your home:

  1. Work out Anticipated Valuation

Gain an idea of the value by searching on the government land registry website.  Those selling a house in England and Wales should check the information here:

Those with a house to sell in Scotland should visit:

Anyone selling a house in Northern Ireland should visit:

Do this when you first start to plan selling a house before you contact any estate agents.

  1. Gain Estate Agent Valuations

Gain valuations from at least three estate agents.  It makes sense when selling a house to contact a small local firm, a large national firm and at least one other that appeals to you.  Listen to the advice they give you and pay attention to their tips for selling your home.  Ask them questions about their fees, transparency and what the fees include as part of your decision making process.

  1. Front Door and External Entrance Area

Make sure that the front door and the space around it gives a good impression.  When your viewers first visit the house this is their first impression so make it a good one.  Sweep up leaves and other debris at the entrance and on the path.

  1. Repair Small Defects

By repairing any small defects when selling a house, you can create the illusion that the house is well cared for.  Have a good look around and fix things like grubby paintwork around doors and light switches.  Deal with squeaky door hinges, limescale build up, peeling paintwork.

  1. Check Lights

Check that all lights work and have working bulbs fitted.

  1. Taps

Try all taps and make sure that they are easy to turn off and on and don’t drip when switched off.

  1. Clear Boundaries

Make sure that all boundary fences are in good repair and that boundaries are clear.  Have documentary proof regarding any shared access, access you have over adjoining property and access others have over the property for sale.

  1. Heating

For autumn and winter viewings, ensure that the heating has been on before viewings to make the property warm and inviting.

  1. Garden

The autumn garden can be awash with autumn colours or just look drab and untidy.  Tips for selling your home in the autumn include a garden tidy up and keeping on top of the autumn garden.  When the leaves are falling and plants are dying back, keep on top of the garden with a routine to keep it as tidy as possible.

  1. Light it Up

Consider some solar lights to light up the exterior of the house and make it a feature from the street.

  1. Interior Lights

One of the top tips for selling your home in the autumn is to light up any dark areas inside the house, switch on table lamps before the viewing to make the home feel warm, light and inviting.

  1. Effectively Repair Damp or Don’t Try to Hide Damp

When you have repaired damp problems in a house that you are selling, complete the job by repairing any telltale signs by repairing or redecorating the decor.  However, if you have not completed an effective damp repair, don’t try to hide or cover up damp problems.  They will show up on the surveys.

Have a look through our advice pages for further advice when selling a house and for preparing a house for sale.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of the experts say:

Gavin Brazg, The Advisory:

‘A tidy well-ordered house, filled with light, space & storage’ (Brazg, accessed September 2021).

Marcus, Money Saving Expert Forumite:

On estate agents valuations

‘Never tell them what valuations other agents have given you – as they’ll manipulate their own valuations’ (Marcus, 2004).

We think this is a great tip.  Thank you, Marcus.

Sarah Beeny, Property Selling Expert:

Neutral colours won’t put any buyer off. Potential buyers walking through your home will be able to plan to put their own stamp on the house without having to remove yours first.’ (Beeny, 2017).

Under the Hammer Presenter Martin Roberts:

I don’t recommend doing your own legal work. For a start, mortgage lenders will insist that a licensed professional is used. But shop around and you can find solicitors willing to do conveyancing for very reasonable amounts.’ (Roberts, 2019).

If you decide to make improvements when selling a house, make sure that you don’t personalise the decor. In fact, depersonalizing the house is another of our top tips for selling your home, a bonus top tip if you like.

If you need to sell your house fast, check our three house buying options here:



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