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When Selling a House Antiques Shout Quality and Could Help You to Sell Property

Frequently, the style these days is modern and many people are turning to mid-20th century, embracing the modern plastics and styles of that time.  Today though we turn our thoughts to antique furniture.  When you have a period property you can choose a style that is so opposite to the age and character of the property or you can choose pieces that would have originally graced the home.  There is another way too; You can successfully use antique furniture to decorate a modern house, turning that trend of putting new or modern into an old house, there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t create a home or a house for sale whereby the furnishings are antique or almost antique.

Antique Furniture

Many interior designers will tell you that antique furniture is an important aspect of design.  Not only the styles that the pieces bring but the essence of the piece.  Antique furniture may not be perfect but when it is more than one hundred years old it is allowed to have collected a few bumps, to have maybe been altered at some point and to be a usable focal point in many situations.  The patina, workmanship, design, restorations all tell of the journey through the ages that the antique furniture has travelled through to appear before you now.

Antiques do not have to be big grand statement pieces either.  Today’s modern homes have small rooms, fortunately then that not all antiques come from large houses.  Antique furniture could have started out in a small cottage.  Many fabulous pieces had humble beginnings, some even being scratch made in the candlelight by someone in the evenings as a gift or out of need.

How to Choose

Think about the styles of furniture you like.  Think about the purpose you want the furniture to serve and picture how it would go in your home.

Those living in a period home may have an easier choice, selecting pieces that would have graced the house when new, these could be older than the house, there is no need to strictly look for furniture the same age as the house or newer.  Even two hundred years ago, people would have bought antiques or used furniture, been given furniture and handed down items through the family.

You may decide to pick a point in time, the art deco period, arts and crafts or Georgian are some examples.  Or, you could theme different rooms with different eras and styles.

Gone is the restraining formulaic system that our parents or grandparents may have followed when antiques frequently represented the ‘correct way’ of living or were cherished as status symbols.

Let your imagination and inspiration guide you.  Look at antiques and the possibility of furnishing your home with antiques as design, art and individualism.

Crafts Resurgence

Fortunately, for many of these old pieces of furniture, there has been a resurgent in crafts, crafting and what today we call artisan.  Many antique furniture items are restored and repurposed by modern craftsmen and women who are inspired by a tired and tatty piece with a story to tell.

Modern craftspeople don’t just repair and restore antiques either.  The flavour that modern crafts bring to our lives is a fabulous eclectic mix of style, multimedia, traditional and modern materials and of course, as you would expect always with an eye on sustainability.

Many modern crafts incorporate recycled materials and what better marriage for recycled contemporary crafts than recycled antiques that are hundred’s of years old.

How Antiques Help to Sell Property

Picture if you will, an arts and crafts style house.   The house has beams, features that are individual, functional and beautiful.  Everything is handcrafted.

The arts and craft movement had a simple ethos, beautiful, functional, inspired by nature and handmade.

Arts and crafts was not a deliberate example choice, but it’s an interesting one.  The movement was formed as a reaction to the industrialisation of the Victorian era.  Just as today’s surge in crafts and individual styled items is a reaction to uniformity, modern excess and as an antithesis to mass-produced items through a return to traditional skills and handmade rather than mass-produced.

Whatever your choice of style there is room in your home for at least one antique.  Look at the modern style homes that prominently feature an antique vase.  Some may have a Chesterfield style sofa in an otherwise modern setting.  So there is space in all homes to incorporate antiques or otherwise antique styled furnishings in all homes.

When Selling a Property

Styling a period home in modern style is very difficult to get right.  It’s imperative to retain some original features as a background to the modern for it to work.  Colour seldom works in this type of home either, white or very light colours being a good choice.

People ask if when selling a house if it’s worth purchasing antiques to dress a house that is for sale.  Well, that depends.  If you are selling a house and would take the antiques with you to your next home then yes, a few choice pieces of antique furniture could be the perfect finishing touch that clinches it when selling a house.  On the other hand, if you don’t want to take the furniture with you, then you could offer it for sale at an additional cost to the buyers or send it to auction when the house is sold.  Another possibility is if you are a developer who specialises in modernising period property, then you could buy a few good, choice antique pieces and move them from project to project when buying and selling houses.

Frequently, a period house will look much better when furnished with antiques.  A house that is kept period could incorporate touches like period style wallpaper on a feature wall or paint colours inspired by the past.  Antiques could certainly help in many situations when selling a house.  They give a feeling of quality and expense, or rather a no expense spared attitude, whilst modern styling could so easily shout ‘low budget’ when selling a house and make prospective purchasers wonder where else cost has led decision making regarding the upkeep of the house, it’s important to get it right when selling a house.

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