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Even if you are not selling your house, investing in the garden is a great option to improve house value and your welfare

If you are selling your house and want a quick house sale, the garden adds value and appeal to help you sell your house fast.  A comfortable outdoor space also improves our health, so read on to find out more:

Recent research shows that a well presented garden adds more value to a property than a new kitchen, conservatory or extension.  So, if you want a quick house sale, enhancements to the property’s outdoor space are potentially the cost effective way to a quick house sale.

Enhancing the garden and having a beautiful and useable outdoor space is not only for those who sell property; access to beautiful outdoor space is an improvement to health as well.

We spend on average less than an hour and a half on gardening each week. But many people consider it time well spent that enables a relaxing space.  Not many of us aim for Chelsea Flower Show standards or designs, either.  In fact, when the requirement is to sell your house fast, a neat and tidy, easy to maintain outdoors space is the best style that helps to achieve a quick house sale.

Frequently, even a small outdoor space that is well maintained and offers even a small outdoor seating space can increase the value of a home substantially, with amounts like £50,000 being mentioned with regard to London houses with a small outdoor area.

A study by AXA insurance showed that the average annual spend on gardens is a little under £500, yet the potential return from the value added to the property is potentially £2,000.

Those wishing to improve the garden to aid a quick house sale typically spend an average of £2,750 on garden work and landscaping, and the increase in value to the home is as high as 77 per cent.

Trailing far behind are the typical improvements of a new kitchen 26 per cent, conservatory 10% and adding a driveway 9 per cent.  An extension increases the value by just 37 per cent and the new fashion accessory of a hot tub or jacuzzi by just 27 per cent. So the figures add up spending a little money and time on the garden to achieve the greatest potential increase in house sale price.

Many potential buyers are looking for ease of maintenance, a clean and tidy patio area and a secure back garden above fancy layouts, landscaping and plant collections.

However your garden is styled, the main way to add value is to ensure that there is a suitable sitting out space, security and that everything looks clean, tidy and cared for.

When making changes to the garden specifically to sell your house fast, concentrate on ease of maintenance and a tidy appearance.  Present the garden with lawns that are easy to mow, flower borders that are easy to reach, and, if applicable, vegetable and herb gardens that look business like and easy to manage.  You might like unusual shapes, twists and turns with a lawnmower and patina on the patio.  Potential buyers are more likely to be seeking clean lines, a clean appearance and a feeling of ease and relaxation.

In fact, a landscaped garden that is too personal to you and requires ongoing maintenance could be detrimental to a quick house sale.  With the ongoing increasing awareness of the damage that plastics are doing to the environment, the fake lawn matting that recently became fashionable is a big turnoff to many potential buyers as well.

It’s not just the garden either; a garden with a shed of reasonable size and in good condition that is to be sold with the property adds to the value and helps sell property.

Here are a few tips to prepare your garden to help sell your house fast:

  • Weed flower beds
  • Cut the grass
  • Wash down and weed patio and decking areas
  • Display size appropriate garden furniture, make sure it is clean and inviting
  • Improve the security, make sure that gates could be locked, and the shed is lockable
  • Make the garden dog and child proof so that neither can escape!
  • Add some plants in containers that you could take with you but dress the place when for sale.

Don’t ignore the front garden either; the outdoor space at the front of a house should be pleasing and appealing.  When you are selling your house, it is crucial to get this area right so that it makes the right impression and adds Kerb appeal.  See our specific kerb appeal advice here.

If you are tentatively putting your house on the market or even if you are not selling your house at the moment, if you plan to sell your house in the future, this article and the tips included are extremely relevant to you as well.  Just keeping the garden nice and tidy and spending a few hundred pounds a year should negate the need for a big expense when you do decide to sell your house if you have made the garden very personal.

Also, those who have just bought a house or who are in the process of buying a house or if you are not selling your house, take note of the increasing awareness that outdoor green space is a vital component of our wellbeing.

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