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Fragrance is a Lovely Way to Create Ambiance and Improve Your Home

– even when you are not selling a house!

The old tricks of baking some bread, or heating up some bread rolls in the oven or making some coffee have become so well known that using them when selling your house now smacks of trying too hard.  So, when selling a house and especially when you want to sell house quickly, the following room by room tips of the scents to use may be the answer.  Use these scents and fragrances as part of the process of selling a house.

A house that smells nice is more inviting and using fragrance as a way to help sell house quickly could be the answer.  Firstly, though consider any bad smells.  Using fragrance to mask bad smells instead of giving the house a good clean when selling your house is unlikely to reap the rewards of a quick house sale.  Instead, as part of the process of selling a house, give it a good deep clean, keep it clean and use fragrance to create a pleasing ambience and to make each room inviting for viewings when selling your house.


So, what do you bake to create an inviting smell in your kitchen?  Simple bake a vanilla flavoured cake, but not just any vanilla flavour, use good vanilla extract in your cake.  Alternatively,  an apple pie or even apple and vanilla pie have a cosy effect.  Another option is a high quality vanilla candle burning for an hour or so before viewers arrive will have a similar effect.  Just make sure you extinguish it and put it away before they arrive.


Scenting the bathroom with citrus scents gives an instant clean fresh appeal to the room.  Clean the room using citrus based cleaners and spritz bathrooms with fragrance sprays that use natural essential oils to create a fresh, clean smell that won’t offend.

Sitting Room

Florals work really well in reception rooms to create a relaxing, clean fragrance.  When in season a big bunch of high fragrance roses, freesia or sweet peas will fill the space with delicious fragrance as people walk in.  Alternatives are natural scented floral based diffusers.  Jo Malone Red Roses Diffuser is a good option for large living spaces and older homes.  Jasmine or tuberose based reed diffusers that are blended with something else you like such as roses, ripe fig or mild citrus suit modern homes well.  La Montana Fig Grove & Jasmine offers a sophisticated inviting fragrance.

Hall Way    

The entrance of the home should offer a clean, inviting fragrance.  Create mystery with something that visitors cannot quite place.  Three Kings an enticing mix of cedarwood, frankincense and myrrh from La Montana is a warm, inviting scent to use as a room mist before they arrive.

Downstairs Cloakroom

The downstairs cloakroom is usually a small space.  You don’t want to overpower the space with a strong scent.  However, it is also a space that can be stale and potentially whiffy.  You could use the same fragrance as the hallway, but the space will benefit from an individual fresh clean scent, lemon and lavender will work well in this small space.

Utility Room Laundry Room Boot Room

This is an area that can get whiffy with boots and trainers in most houses.  Smelly dogs probably cone in and out this way too.  Make a clean impression in utility, laundry and boot rooms with suitably selected scents that suit the space.  A clean laundry fragrance is the perfect choice for a utility room.  If you love your chosen laundry cleaner, then placing some into a bowl and adding hot water will fill the space with the fragrance.  Tuck the bowl under the sink or into the washing machine before viewers arrive.  A tobacco plant essential oil based fragrance is a perfect choice for boot rooms or if you prefer use a fragrance that includes leather as a fragrance note to capture that tack room smell.

Dining Room

When your home has a separate dining room it lends the opportunity for adding a cinnamon fragrance.  A cinnamon based scented candle works well for a dining room, use it as ambient light and fragrance for a dinner party or when selling a house light it for about an hour before viewings.  Good options are cinnamon and vanilla or cinnamon and orange.


Adult Rooms

The adult’s bedrooms can be filled with the fragrance of your favourite perfume.  Lavender is well known to aid sleep and neroli is a sensuous scent that works well in bedrooms.  An essential oil diffuser that is a blend of lavender, sweet orange and neroli offer a fresh clean smell in adult bedrooms.

Children’s Bedrooms

How you fragrance children’s bedrooms depend on the age of the child or children.

A fresh baby powder smell is a lovely option for young children’s rooms.  Up to about age eleven something subtle is suitable, a gentle lavender or lavender and chamomile are good options for this age group.

Teenager’s rooms may need something with a bit more oomph in which case something vanilla based works well, add chamomile to aid sleep and soften the fragrance.  To add the oomph a good addition is Vetivert or Patchouli which hides most bad smells.  Jo Malone’s Amber and Patchouli or Vetiver & Golden Vanilla are good options for teenager’s bedrooms.

Other Rooms

For any other space, you may want to add fragrance Pecksniffs Lime and Cucumber offers a fresh, pleasing slightly masculine fragrance.

Using fragrance in the home creates the perfect atmosphere and sets the tone of the room.  Using carefully selected fragrances as part of the process of selling a house could pay dividends in the long run by securing you a faster house sale.

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