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Purple Bricks is the Best Known of the Online Estate Agents – it Makes Sense to Include a Purple Bricks Valuation and Check Out the Purple Bricks Fees and Options as Part of the Process of Selling a House

When you are buying and selling property you have choices.  You can work out and decide if you hire a local estate agent, a national estate agent or an online estate agent.  The other alternatives are sending the property to auction or selling to a house buying firm when you require a quick house sale.  For our quick sale options check here, including our property auction.

What is Purple Bricks

Purple Bricks say that they are the largest online estate agent.  Other online estate agents include Yopa, Strike and Emoov.

Purple Bricks is the best known online estate agent and that is probably due to the extensive television and other media advertising campaign they ran a few years ago. They continue to have a firm advertising presence.  Not only does the advertising make you think of using them when putting a house on the market, but, it also ensures that the brand remains current so that there is a strong awareness that is backed by a high level of trust by potential buyers.

Purple Bricks is a large, well known, established brand that is almost entirely online.  Some people believe that if you advertise with Purple Bricks that you have to take the photos for the listing and manage all the viewings yourself.  That is not the case.  Whilst the core business is operating their business to sell your house via their online platform they do have local experts who visit to value the property, take photos, carry out the EPC if one is required and for an additional fee carry out viewings.

Being a national brand that advertises Purple Bricks has a strong presence in the marketplace with those starting the process of selling a house considering them as a viable option.

Purple Bricks Valuation

They offer a free property valuation.  A lot of people don’t realise that just like high street estate agents the valuation is carried out in person by a local expert.

Purple Bricks Fees

The Purple Bricks fees are designed to save you money during the process of selling a house.  They charge a one-off fee to simplify the process.  Here’s what they say they include:

  • Dedicated local property expert
  • The property gets listed on Rightmove, Zoopla and other sites
  • UK based support team
  • Professional photography, floor plans and advertisement
  • Their money back guarantee
  • One for sale board erected

The basic Purple Bricks fees are £999 for most of the United Kingdom with a fee of £1,499 for London and the surrounding areas.  If you visit their website, you can pop the postcode in of the property that you are putting on the market and check how much the Purple Bricks fees will be for the postcode.

There are additional Purple Bricks fees for viewings and these are £300.00 for most of the United Kingdom and £500.00 for London and the surrounding areas.

You can also select their Pro level of service and the Purple Bricks fees for Pro are £1,399 for most of the United Kingdom and £1,999 for London and surrounding areas.

If you choose Pro you get everything that the classic fees give you plus:

  • Access to a dedicated local property expert
  • Access to the online platform
  • Interactive 3D tour
  • Assisted viewings
  • Access to the UK based property support team
  • Viewings are included.

Other Purple Bricks fees are:

Repalcement Board fee £60.00

Premium Listing giving extra photos and four thumbnail photos £125.00

Energy Performance Certificate £84.00

Interactive 3D Tour £150.00

Home Report (required in Scotland) between £480 and £1,980

Premium and Featured option gives you multiple listings to increase visibility and property featured for two weeks £249.00

Paying Purple Bricks Fees

The fees are available when you instruct Purple Bricks.  There is not a no sale no fee option.  You may wish to defer the fee payment for ten months, but if the property is still not sold you will still have to make the payment in full.

A condition of the pay later option for the Purple Bricks fees is that you have to instruct them to carry out the conveyancing services when a sale is agreed on the property you are selling.

When deferring the Purple Bricks fees by using the buy now pay later option the fees become due when any of these happen:

  • The property sells and the legal process is completed
  • You withdraw the house from the market
  • You decide not to use Purple Bricks conveyancing
  • Ten months after entering into the service agreement with Purple Bricks.

Those in certain financial situations are not able to take the buy now pay later of the purple bricks fees options.

The Money Back Guarantee

Purple Bricks fees may be refunded if there is not a qualifying offer on the property within ten months.  Purple Bricks’ qualification is ninety per cent of the valuation.  The Purple Bricks fees guarantee is only applicable to the fixed fee and there are terms and conditions applicable, see their website for details.

To Instruct Purple Bricks

Visit their website and complete a contact form.  You can request a callback or follow through.  However, it is best to click onto the Free House Valuation option first and book a free valuation prior to going through the instruction process.

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