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Decorating a House Before Putting on the Market is a Good Option to Freshen Up the House

There is more to choosing paint than selecting the colour you like.  In fact, when sprucing up a house to put it on the market the colour you like factors very low!  Here’s why and a guide to different paints to use when selling a house or when decorating your home.

Some people love purple, others love orange, some adore grey and there’s a fair few who go for dark shades whilst some choose white all the way.  When a house is decorated in colours to the individual taste of those who live there, that’s great.  But it’s not so great when putting a house on the market and you want to attract potential buyers.  So, if when selling a house the brightly coloured living room needs a tidy up a neutral colour in one of the latest shades is a much safer bet than touching up the bright colour or replacing with another bright colour.

When selling a house the aim is to tidy the house up and appeal to as many people as possible, certainly not to put people off.  So neutral shades and sensible options rule when decorating to put the house on the market.

Did You Know

That the different paints available can change the look of a room.  Knowing the different paints to use in different rooms gives you an advantage when choosing paint and deciding which rooms you are going to decorate or which order you are preparing the rooms to put the house on the market.

The Different Paint Finishes


Eggshell paint reflects minute amounts of light giving a soft lustre that is gentler than other paints.  It’s between matt and satin and is durable and suited for use on a variety of internal surfaces including ceilings, wood, metal, plaster, walls, concrete, brickwork and cement rendering, but best for interior woods such as skirting boards and door frames.


Matt paint is smooth and flat, it doesn’t have any sheen, so it doesn’t reflect much light. It’s an ideal choice if you have an uneven wall and want to cover imperfections.  Matt paint is also a good choice for ceilings. Matt is an easy paint to apply to large areas.


Silk paint has a polished, mid-sheen finish.  It’s easy to clean and perfect for hard-working areas such as kitchens, hallways and kid’s bedrooms.  Silk paint reflects the light and a useful tip is that the reflecting properties help to make a narrow or small room appear larger. Silk finishes are easy to clean and are suited for walls.

Soft Sheen

Soft sheen paints reflect a similar amount of light as silk (above) but they are even more durable. Soft sheen paints are easy to clean and they are perfect for untiled areas of kitchens and bathrooms.


Satin paint has some sheen and is ideal for hard traffic areas such as kitchens, utility rooms, where dogs come in and out and in some circumstances kid’s rooms.  It’s mostly used for wood, partly because its sheen highlights imperfections on larger areas like walls.  It is also harder to apply than matt finish paint.  However, using satin on walls can soften colours when you want a pastel finish. Satin paint is very hard wearing and stands up well to scrubbing and is the paint ideal paint for an area that requires regular cleaning.


Smooth paint is a finish that mostly refers to external masonry paint.


Gloss paint is mostly used for wood and metal.  As the name suggests it has a glossy finish and reflects a lot of light. Gloss paint is frequently used for skirting boards, window ledges and door frames.


Chalk paint is an easy to use paint. It has a very matt finish, resembling chalk and is mostly used on wood and metal furniture.  It works well to bring furniture into a colour scheme, can also be used on melamine and is sometimes used for colour blocking on walls.

When Selling a House

Before putting your house on the market, take a good look around at all the paintwork and look critically at the rooms.  Painting any rooms that need a spruce up using neutral shades before the photographs are taken is a useful tip when selling a house.  You can use the knowledge gained above to select the best paints for the needs of each room or area.

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