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Natural Materials, Neutrals and Greens in all Shades Driven by our Desire for Nature is Mixed with Soft Circular Accents  Consider these materials and colours when you want to sell a house quickly or when staging a house to sell quickly

Home Colour and Style Trends

September has brought a heatwave after the dull, cooler August days in the UK.  It no longer feels like autumn is gaining momentum, we have been given a reprise and let’s hope it continues.  So it makes sense that many of us are continuing the summer vibe into September, enjoying the reprise and our homes are still in summer style mode for a bit longer.

So let’s explore!  Let us look now at summer styling for the home and especially what we can carry on through September and beyond.

Our desire to bring a feeling of the outdoors and nature indoors has not abated and our colour choices continue to reflect nature. Green in all its glorious shades has taken over from grey.

Green has been creeping into all areas of our homes since 2020.  For some, it may be a subliminal nod towards “green” living, but for most of us the cat is out of the bag, it’s our instinct to be close to nature, to feel its healing energy and to nurture ourselves and our families.  Green does that in a way that grey never could.  White is often a choice to lighten a room and can be used to good effect, but it doesn’t pull us in as green does.  Yes, many of us have gained a need for nature from the recent events.  Or rather as a species, we have regained our roots, our connection to nature and this is reflected in the colours we are choosing to surround ourselves with in our homes.

The popularity of green is not the only call to get closer to nature.  The most popular colours have been calming earthy tones of naturals, soft browns, beiges, gentle peach tones.  Natural stone and wood accents are incredibly popular.

Of course, these are all colours and tones that work well together.  Natural materials, natural colours, lightness, brightness a creation of bringing the outdoors in.

None of this has to change for the autumn.  Perhaps, we can even keep a feeling of summer a bit longer in our homes whilst nature puts on its autumn colour show outside.  Bringing in natural light wherever possible and creating a feeling of light where it is not, helps us to feel energised and optimistic.

This summer has seen a change in home design features, rounded arches, furniture with curves, gentle sinuous lines and a move away from the harshness of straight lines and rigidity of many modern styles. Curves, circles, arches and flowing sinuous designs dominate feature walls and room accents.

Adding interest to our living spaces is being achieved by texture, colour and always with natural materials and colours.  Wood panelling is being used to good effect for cooling and warming, for practical spaces like bathrooms and dining rooms or for styling of home offices.  Cooled by pastel greens, neutrals or warming by simply waxing or lacquering.


When you Want to Sell a House Quickly

Cleaning and decluttering are the first, important aspects of staging a house to sell quickly.  When the house you are selling is also your home update the decor to reflect the current trends but doing so in a mindful way, so keep it subtle.  There will still be people out there who love the grey tones that have dominated in recent years, but there is very little grey in nature other than a miserable grey sky.  So embrace the trend to use natural colours and if green is not your thing, then use the popular shades of beige and cream that are actually winning the popularity contest in the paint aisles.

Staging a house to sell quickly is often easier when the house is empty.  A flow from room to room is easy to master and if furnishings don’t match the latest colours or the theme you are working with, they can be removed.

Just as in nature different shades of green work well together and green will work with any other colour, even if sometimes a little care is needed to get it right.

When you are not replacing bathrooms or kitchens to sell a house quickly, they can be presented as up to date, by using subtle green or neutral paint around grey cabinets in a kitchen or changing a grey cupboard to another colour in a bathroom.

When the aim is to sell a house quickly banishing the grey for up to date colour trends gives the house a loved and cared for air about it and should help to relax and inspire potential purchasers.


Decor Tips How to Sell Your House Quickly

  • If you only make one change towards what makes a house sell quickly, then it’s to freshen it up with neutrals and banishing previously fashionable colours
  • Freshen up the colours in kitchens by adding the current neutral or fashionable colour
  • Don’t start massive DIY projects in the hope that creating an arch will add appeal
  • If the house has tired carpets, rip them out, especially if the floor below is natural wood
  • If redecorating keep the styling fresh and clean, leave the buyers a chance for their imagination to work
  • Ensure that the first impression is a good one. If you only have the opportunity to work on one space, to begin with, make it the first one they see
  • Embrace the natural aspects of the house and enhance things like good natural light.


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