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If Flies are a Problem in a House You are Putting on the Market – Take Steps to Prevent or Get Rid

No one wants to live in a house with flies as a problem, it’s a massive turn off for potential buyers if you have a property on the market. Regardless of whether it’s a house you live in, have just bought or you are selling a house; flies are a nuisance and health risk, so, if like me you hate flies, read on for some great ideas to get rid of them.

All of these tips are based on safe, chemical free methods that work!

  1. Clean Up to Prevent Flies
  2. Essential Oils to Prevent Flies
  3. Plants to Deter Flies
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar to Trap Flies
  5. Water and Coins to Scare Flies

How to get rid of flies in the house 

The first tip is to make sure that you don’t have the things that attract flies into your house.

  • Things like unemptied cat litter trays attract flies very quickly.
  • Going off to work in the morning without wiping up and disposing of spilt sugar or without rinsing cereal bowls attracts flies to the sugary deliciousness.
  • Leaving meat leftovers in a food recycling bin is another major draw for the pesky flies.
  • Any leftovers in the food waste bins or left out anywhere will also attract flies.
  • Pet food left out that they have not eaten will attract flies.

So the main tip here is to wash up or rinse everything clean as you go.  If placing in the dishwasher shut the door fully.  Don’t leave any unwrapped foodstuff or food leftovers lying about.  Wipe down surfaces that may have had spillage and thoroughly rinse the cleaning cloth and then spray it with cleaning spray.

Use Nature to Help Keep Flies Away

You can make natural fly repellent using essential oils.  Oils such as citronella, eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender all help to deter flies.

Cinnamon oil is a surprisingly useful essential oil to have around the home.  One of its uses is as a fly repellent.

Use the oils by hanging essential oil infused cloth or clay air fresheners in front of open windows and doors.  By burning candles infused with these oils or by using a spray around open windows and doors frequently.

Another way that nature can help deter flies is to have lavender or mint growing under windows, on window ledges or either side of doors that you keep open.

Banish Flies from the House with Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has so many uses around the home.  One of these uses as to banish flies from the home.

Here’s how:

  1. Half fill a jar with some apple cider vinegar
  2. Add a dollop of washing up liquid or other liquid soap
  3. Make a simple thin card or paper funnel
  4. Flies will be attracted to the smell of the cider vinegar, find their way in and not be able to escape
  5. You can release the flies outside at night once you’ve shut the doors and windows.

Prevent Flies Coming in with Water and Coins

Another solution is the clear bag and coin hack that has been buzzing about the internet recently.

Here’s how:

  1. Grab a clear sealable bag, a sandwich bag or freezer bag is ideal
  2. Half fill with water
  3. Add a few shiny coins and seal the bag
  4. Squeeze out the excess air. Seal it shut
  5. Tie the bag up with some string or ribbon so that it hangs in the open window and has room to move.

When You Suddenly Have a Lot of Flies in the House

When you inexplicably have a lot of flies in the house it may be an infestation caused by something innocuous that has attracted them and they’ve laid eggs that have hatched.  Flies will nest anywhere that there is a food source.

Rotting meat is one of their favourites, so if a mouse, rat or bird has got in and died in your loft then flies will be drawn to the smell.

Other possibilities are a dropped piece of meat from a sofa meal that has fallen down and become trapped in the furniture.  Dirty plates in a teenager’s pit- ahem, I mean bedroom. Dropped food in a dining room that you seldom use and so have forgotten about.

As mentioned before they are also attracted to sugar and sugary things. So, spilt fizzy drinks or unfinished or unrinsed glasses and crockery left out will also attract them.

We once moved into a house where the cats had been left behind and were leaving dead mice and birds in the house as well as toileting inside the house.  Not only did the house stink, but flies were a massive problem.

In the winter, they will come in on a warmer day when you’ve taken advantage and opened windows to air the house.  Flies then take advantage of you and come into the warmer house before the temperatures drop in the evening.

In this situation, the best preventative is to consider a mesh covering to cover the window you want to open when airing the home.

Mesh or net curtains work well to deter flies from coming in.  Screen doors are another useful addition to a home as a way to keep flies out.

Check and maintain the condition of doors and windows.  Doors and windows in good condition with no cracks or gaps will keep them out when the window and doors are closed.

Promptly clearing up spills and disposing of food waste is a good habit to get into as a preventative.  I now carry food recycling straight to the outside bin instead of keeping the smaller one in the house.  This single action is making a big difference.

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