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Want a quick house sale? Read on to increase the appeal of your property through staging

Did you know that the wrong furniture can devalue your property and even stop someone from making an offer?  Today we take a look at making furniture decisions when selling a house.

Staging when selling a house is especially important when you want a quick house sale. Recent research gives figures of staged houses achieving a minimum of 17% higher prices than those that have not been staged.

We start by looking at what should go, before moving onto solutions and where to acquire the pieces to dress the house to achieve the best price and a quick house sale.

You might love your large corner sofa, but when it dominates a small room, your viewers won’t.  Actually, when the rooms look small in the photos you could even be missing out on that valuable footfall through the door.

Whilst a large sofa in an average-sized sitting room is the main thing to change, hence it’s at the start of this article; we’ll explore the rest of the house from the front door.


Entrance halls vary from large rooms in grand houses to small entrance areas.  When your house has a small entrance area and you have inherited large hall furniture or have a very useful large storage piece in the hall.  You should take a moment to imagine the space without the bulky furniture.  We have already looked at clearing the clutter in another article.  This is not about clearing clutter when selling a house.  This is about maximising the useable space and selling the idea that there is space.

So, what this means when selling a house with a small hall, large hall furniture or a plethora of hall furniture should go into storage.

Stairs & Landing

Remove anything stored on the stairs.  When you have a half landing large items stored there give a feeling of being hemmed in.  On the top landing when it’s a corridor consider removing any furniture, giving a feeling of easy access to the upstairs layout.


We’ve already tackled the sofa in the room when you want a quick house sale.  Other large items of furniture may be making the space appear smaller than it is.  Large sideboards and desks will reduce the perception of the width of the room.

Dining Room

A dining room may just buck the trend.  If your dining room is used as an entertaining space, then selling that facility by having a large table and the relevant number of chairs shows how the room accommodates a large dinner party or buffet gathering.  When your home is not suited to large dinner parties or has a lot of furniture removing some of the furniture increases the perception of size.  If the table can be made smaller that may be all that is required to give an impression of size, but it may be necessary to remove half the dining chairs to increase the uncluttered appearance.


When you are fortunate enough to have a kitchen large enough for a kitchen table, keep the table uncluttered and inviting.  Those with a central island will usually already look more streamlined.

When you have a kitchen dominated by a large bin or recycling and large dog beds or dog crates.  Look into moving those items out to a shed or garage when you have the photographs taken and when you have viewings.


In most homes, fitted wardrobes are great at streamlining a room. When you don’t have fitted wardrobes but do have a much loved big wardrobe in an average-sized double room it will make the room look small.

Fitted wardrobes in a poor state of repair will quickly devalue your home.  Consider demolishing them and making good.  Then adding a small freestanding wardrobe.

A king-sized bed will also make most modern bedrooms look small.  Small bedrooms are usually dominated by the bed.  Large rooms can be dominated by the mat laying across the room at the base of the bed to give an impression of size.

Even larger bedrooms benefit from scaling back some of the furniture if there is a lot in there.

Kids Bedrooms

When you have a small bed or a cot in a double bedroom it makes the room look much bigger, conversely, when you have three kids beds and the necessary furniture in a double room the generous proportions don’t show, the room looks small and cramped.

The Furniture Fix’s When Selling a House

Selling a House Hall Fix

Create a feeling of space with a small, delicate piece of hall furniture.  When the space is small, this could be a small occasional table to hold handbags, post and other small items when you come in, a small narrow desk.  Whatever you choose keep it narrow for a small hall.

Selling a House Stairs & Landing Fix

When you have a half landing the space actually looks larger with a bookcase as long as it is not too deep.  Another fix is an occasional table with a vase of flowers or a single ornament.

When the landing is a generous size then a chest of drawers, desk or trunk in proportion looks stunning and increases the appearance of space.

Selling a House Lounge Fix

In any room, less than 24’ x 16’ take the big loungy sofa out and replace it with smaller seating that will make the space appear more generous.

Two smaller proportioned two seater sofas will make the space seem larger.

In a smaller lounge to prevent it from looking cramped, you should restrict the furnishings to a two or three seater sofa, one or two side tables, a coffee table and entertainment equipment.  If it’s a multipurpose room include a dining table as small as possible.

Selling a House Dining Room Fix

When selling a house with a dining room, how you stage it depends on the size and shape of the room.  As mentioned above a large dining room can show off a large table to demonstrate the ability for entertaining larger groups.  When you have a narrow dining room and want a quick house sale; remove any additional furniture and source a narrow dining table.  Make sure that the chairs will tuck right under the table in a narrow space.

A small dining room should have a small table and would benefit from some folding chairs neatly stacked in a corner if the room is a thoroughfare.

Selling a House Kitchen Fix

When the kitchen doesn’t have a central island and does have room for a kitchen table, make sure that the table is not so big that it interrupts the flow.  A very small table or a breakfast bar in a small kitchen give the illusion of space in a small kitchen that is large enough to accommodate them.

Selling a House Bedrooms Fix

The master bedroom should have something to create a wow factor.  It should not look cramped.  When staging a house for sale that you are living in, an advantage is to move large wardrobes and contents into nearby storage.  Keep only the clothes you need for a week at a time and that work for the time of year, everything else can go into storage to help create space in the home.

Kid’s rooms depend on the size of the room.  When you have several kids sharing the room can look cluttered and cramped whatever you do.  If you don’t already have bunk beds they are often a solution for creating space in a kid’s room.

A shared large room or a small single room will benefit from the addition of cabin beds.  These are beds with storage or study space underneath and the bed above.  Not only will kids love having a cabin bed, but they also create more space by using the otherwise unused higher part of the room and importantly show off the space.  This is a method that works extremely well in a small kid’s room.

Above are a few simple changes to make around your home to help achieve a quick house sale.  Taking these few simple steps can even increase the value of your property whilst speeding up the sale.  Sticking with the wrong furniture can devalue the property, prevent viewings and send viewers quickly to the next house viewing.

How to Obtain the Furniture to Stage a House When Selling a House

What you do with the furniture you acquire to dress your house once it is sold is up to you.  Sometimes the buyer may want the furniture, or you may decide to keep it or give it away.  But we start with the solution that doesn’t create that possible scenario.


There are firms that rent out furniture for films, television and houses for sale.  The big property developers hire in small scale furniture to make rooms look bigger, so you could do the same.


Auctions that incorporate house clearance will often be a good stomping ground when you want a few key pieces to dress a house. Go and view first and take a tape measure to be certain you are buying items of the right proportions.

Charity Shops

Some of the charity shops now specialise in house clearances and second hand furniture.  Buying what you need from a charity shop not only gets you what you need to stage the house but helps the charity.  When the house sells you could even give the furniture you don’t want back to them.

Furniture Stores

It is not a good idea to spend a lot of money on furniture to stage the old house.  Buying new furniture is best done for the new house when you know the style you are going for and the proportions of the house.

That said, some stores specialise in small furniture at low prices, so stores like B&M or Wayfair might have low cost solutions that will help you when selling a house.  French fashion brand La Redoute where the photo is from, are also a great choice when looking for key pieces when staging a house for sale.

Make the Right Impression for a Quick House Sale

Because prospective buyers form an opinion on your house within a few seconds of entering the property, a good first impression is essential.  So if you can only change one room or one at a time, start with the entrance after you’ve moved the big sofa out!

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