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Housing Hotspots that May Surprise You & What You Can Do to Sell Your House Quickly

House prices increased again in August, bucking the usual summer trend of a slump.  Driving sales is still people looking for larger homes with home office space, seeking outdoor space and a feeling of space around them.

August saw more people looking for homes in certain areas than there were properties on the market.  If you are selling in one of the key areas then you have never had a better time to sell a house quickly. Those living elsewhere and still wanting to move to the popular areas may need to sell a house quickly to stand a chance of success at securing a property outside of the big towns and cities.

Rightmove, a leading property advertising website claim that the situation is so severe that in some locations, some towns and villages, there is such a lack of homes for sale, that it created a situation of hotspots where there are queues of buyers who are ready and waiting to act fast to buy houses in those locations.  So, if you have a house to sell in one of those areas and are interested in selling your house quickly, now is the time to get it on the market.

If you don’t live in one of those locations but are nearby, you could benefit from the literal outfall from the success of the following locations.

The new top five hotspots may be a surprise to many and show a slow down in buyers moving to the Westcountry and Wales.

Top Five Locations

  1. Newmarket
  2. Berkhamsted
  3. Witney
  4. High Wycombe
  5. St Ives (the Cambridge one).


  1. Newmarket

The majority of sales in Newmarket were terraced homes for an average of £225,636,  detached property prices averaged £464,495 and semi detached homes £312,942.

Newmarket is the flat racehorse racing capital of the UK, so if hearing the clip-clop of valuable racehorses early in the morning is on your wish list it’s a great option.  Newmarket has seen a drop in houses going onto the market of 49 per cent with a disproportionate increase of agreed sales approaching 79 per cent all leading to a 9 per cent increase in property prices since 2019.

Newmarket is an historical town, surrounded by countryside, picturesque villages and has good road links.  Of course, the famous Newmarket racecourse is handy too.

Rightmove properties for sale in Newmarket

  1. Berkhamstead

Average selling prices for Berkhamstead were £699,834 comprising of detached houses selling on average for £1,060,761.  Semi detached houses averaged at £635,404 and terrace homes at £557,205.  Overall prices were up by 6 per cent.

Conveniently located, Berkhamsted saw a 57 per cent drop in houses going on to the market and a 59 per cent increase in agreed sales. Berkhamsted is an historic market town with the Chiltern Hills right on the doorstep London is just 30 minutes away by train.

Rightmove properties for sale in Berkhamsted

  1. Witney

The majority of house sales over the last year were semi detached for an average of £329,508.  Terraced homes were averaging £321,918 and detached houses £457,559.

Witney is just 12 miles west of Oxford in the Cotswolds.  Witney has shown a drop of 59 per cent of property going on the market and an increase in sales of 51 per cent.

As the largest market town in the Cotswolds, Witney offers convenience, easy access to countryside and green spaces.  It’s only a short drive to the nearest train station, giving easy access to Oxford, London, Bristol and the airports.

Rightmove properties for sale in Witney

  1. High Wycombe

Sold houses prices have seen an increase of 7 per cent during the last year.  The majority of sales were semi detached realising average prices of £373,809.  Flats were averaging £201,641 and detached homes £568,392.

Plenty of pretty countryside surrounds High Wycombe and is within easy access.  London is a 30 minute train ride away.  The areas around the outskirts of the town are particularly desirable offering the convenience of edge of town with the space of the countryside.

Rightmove properties for sale in High Wycombe

  1. St Ives

The majority of house sales in St Ives during the last 12 months have been terraced houses with average prices of £245,212. Semi’s averaged at £297,569 and detached properties £406,396.  Overall, St Ives saw a 6 per cent increase.

St Ives is also a market town and like Witney is 12 miles away from a famous university city.  St Ives has a compact town centre, pretty riverside walks and pubs.  St Ives offers plenty of space and surrounding countryside.

Rightmove properties for sale in St Ives

When You Want to Sell A House Quickly

So, those are the surprise top 5 hotspots according to Rightmove figures.  What does this mean when you want to sell a house quickly elsewhere?  Well, take a good hard look at the property you have for sale, the immediate surrounding area and the wider surrounding area.  Then compare your property.  Especially valuable when you want to sell a house quickly is to compare everything against the most popular properties that are selling quickly.  You can find house sale prices for an area on Rightmove. Also, consider how far your house is from the above areas.  Finally, take a look around where you want to buy, there are no guarantees, but a percentage drop of a city property could still buy you something suitable for your requirements in desirable towns and villages.

When You Need to Sell a House Quickly

The housing market is always a game of swings and roundabouts – it’s just more fickle than pre-pandemic right now. Weigh up the advantages your property can offer.  If you are planning to move soon, being a “cash buyer” or a buyer who is chain free will help you secure your next property.  To that, you may want to sell a house quickly to give you a strong buying position.

Our advice when you want to sell a house quickly is to check all the latest advice you can find.  The Advisory updated their article mid August 2021. Don’t take our word for it; Money Helper has information about how to avoid the bad house buying companies.


Photo of Newmarket Racecourse from The Jockey Club